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Today more than ever, hospitals are challenged with constructing new medical office space both on and off campus. In addition, retaining physicians on campus and keeping them in current hospital-owned buildings in order to continue their relationship and create stronger campus synergy as well as patient convenience is a challenging endeavor.

What Sounds Simple Involves Many Tasks

  • Government regulations continue to demand fair market value transactions between physicians and hospitals.
  • Construction costs continue to escalate rapidly based on market conditions.
  • Interest rate volatility can create higher costs.
  • Physicians are looking for ways to reduce rent cost in order to offset decreasing insurance reimbursement rates.
Hplex Solutions can assist you with all real estate needs including strategic direction and planning, site exploration, site selection, and purchase/lease negotiations.

Hplex Solutions has used a unique approach to satisfying these challenges by using our Hplex Physician Air Rights Program. This proven structure can accomplish the following goals:

  • Allow physicians to own their office suite under the terms of a unique 75 year Air Rights Lease
  • Allow the hospital to control the building during the entire ownership by the physicians (this is not a condominium approach)
  • Provide the physician with all the economics and tax benefits of ownership
  • Allow the hospital or building owner to retain control over who owns and what is being done in the space
  • Allow physicians to have a simple exit strategy every 10 years
  • Allow the hospital to regain ownership every 10 years at a favorable cost, never to exceed fair market value
  • Unsure of the most economical and beneficial approach to take when structuring ownership and investments for a building or property? Contact Hplex Solutions and their experienced team to learn more.