Ambulatory Surgery Centers or ASC offer a community a great alternative to achieving a high pressure surgery in a more rural setting than a typical hospital campus. Hplex Solutions has been involved from early ground negotiation and project budget development to renovation of existing centers.
These ASC facilities require a high knowledge base of what goes into the center. We have found through our experience in developing these centers that having “the right team” to complete the project is crucial to the success of the project for the Hospital or Physician group. With the involvement of Hplex Solutions on the front-end, your healthcare group is provided with the leadership of negotiating and selecting the right Project Team to carry out the development.
Not only is Hplex Solutions capable for project managing your facility development, our firm has assisted with property management and full service real estate development on ASC facilities.

Project Profiles

Taylor Station Surgical Center

Medical Pavilion at Easton