The Inside/Out Approach

The leaders of Hplex Solutions are seasoned, experienced professionals who have had first-hand hospital or health system experience. This experience allows us to think like healthcare executives, understand project specific issues that distinguish the healthcare industry from other industries and create solutions that not only look good on paper, but can be implemented in the real day-to-day world of hospital operations.

Because of our healthcare backgrounds, Hplex Solutions understands the political issues involved in working with community boards and the sensitive relationships between hospital administration and the medical staff. We understand the importance of a satisfied workforce and the high cost of turnover. The Hplex Solutions team understands development of facilities that create a caring, healing environment for patients, staff and family members. Additionally, we understand the importance of completing projects at or below budget and on time.

By understanding the dynamics and the concerns of a hospital administration, we become significant consultants and advisors, able to effectively move projects forward to successful completion. When a hospital hires Hplex Solutions, they are assured of being represented by experienced executives who have been inside a hospital. The owners of Hplex Solutions have significant hospital/health system experience. Although Hplex Solutions was formed in March of 2002, its owners and senior management have combined experience in the healthcare industry in excess of a hundred years. All senior management has worked inside a hospital organization and bring a “hands-on” approach to our services. The owners of Hplex Solutions have acted in the capacity of owner’s representative for more than $2 billion of new hospital construction. Hplex Solutions currently is the property manager for more than 2,000,000 square feet of medical office space and the owners of Hplex Solutions have developed more than $200 million of new medical office and ambulatory care facilities using a variety of ownership vehicles, aligning hospitals, physicians, and third party developers.

Hplex solutions’ entire Corporate Staff has significant healthcare experience not only in Planning, Construction, and Development, but also in creating collaborative development team including key hospital management.

When a hospital hires Owner Representative, Developer, of Project Manager, they are hiring the experience and expertise of the individuals assigned to the project. When a hospital hires Hplex Solutions, they are assured of being represented by experience and talented individuals who have been inside hospital operations or have significant experience in healthcare design and construction.

Why Hplex?

  • Developed over $200 Million in Cancer Centers
  • Owner Representative Services
  • Project Management
  • Property Management
  • Ownership Structuring
  • Budget Oriented
  • Equity Partnership
  • Equipment Planning and Coordination
  • Project Savings
  • Developed over $4 Billion
  • Contract Negotiations & Contract Administration
  • Master Planning
  • Cost Allocation
  • Conflict Resolution & Strong Communication Skills
  • Schedule Management
  • Risk Management
  • Reduce Change Orders & Reduce Redesigns
  • Strong Lending Relationships
  • Ability to Bring Equity
  • Open Book Accounting
  • Speed-to-Market
  • Return on Investment
  • Understanding of Fundamentals around Strategic Development Initiatives
  • Understands the Selection of the Best Site Location for the Project
  • Ability to Familiarize with the Market Area and Relationships
  • Ability to Successfully Negotiate all Contracts for Land and Building
  • Identify Third Party Developers to Buy or Lease Space or Buildings
  • Strong Communication Skills in the Industry to Work with all Parties
  • Developed in Multiple States and Understands the Regulations
  • Contract Administration
  • Brokerage License
  • Developed Emergency Departments both on and off Campus
  • Hospital Management Experience
  • Fee Coordination
  • Understands the Flow of Traffic Required for ED
  • Understanding of Hospital Operations
  • Knowledge of Government Regulations
  • Understands JCAHO
  • Master Planning
  • Works within Budget Requirements
  • Understands Space Restrictions
  • Worked with over 30 Healthcare Providers
  • Knowledge of the Best use of Rentable Space
  • Understands Tenant/Rent Relationship
  • Handles Tenant Lease Negotiations
  • Assist with Most Valuable Site Choice
  • Developed Nationwide Orthopedic and PT Facilities
  • Experience in Best Design Layout for Physician and Patient Convenience