Hplex Solutions has significant medical office building (“MOB”) development experience. Understanding that MOB’s can house a variety of program components can make budgets, schedules and the financial delivery challenging. Hplex Solutions track record since 1989 has proven very successful in bringing a variety of MOB programs to market. Additionally, Hplex Solutions has been able to create unique real estate opportunities to bind a partnership long-term with key physicians both on campus and off campus. To date, Hplex has developed over 2.5 Billion(+) square feet. Because of the diversity in the size of projects that we have managed, Hplex brings a unique experience to this Project.
Why? The margin for error in a smaller project is significantly less than on large projects. The smaller projects take just as much effort and every issue is magnified due to less dollars and tighter budgets. This experience has helped our team understand the process of identifying and solving problems in a timely and concise manner in order to keep the project moving forward. It is this same discipline that we have carried forward to our large projects, which has created so much success. We are relentless in protecting every dollar in the budget (no matter how small the amount) in order to protect our Owner and create project savings. If you’re challenged to make project costs or land costs meet your rent roll, we would be excited to collaborate with you providing our 100+ years of medical development experience to help your project succeed in today’s market place.

Project Profiles

Ashland Medical Office Building

Berger Medical Center

The Andrew’s Institute

Orthopedic One

Memorial Urbana Medical Center

James M. Stockman Cancer Institute

Gateway Medical Center

Mercy Health Medical Office Building

UMPC Pinnacle Hanover Medical Office Building

Walnut Creek Wellness Center Medical Office Building

North Meadows Medical Office Building

Granville Medical Office Building