Hplex Solutions has worked in many states and with many hospital systems as a trusted partner to facilitate in developing or remodeling in-patient facilities or programs. What makes Hplex Solutions a viable partner to your system? Hplex Solutions is an advocate for the owner and will assist the owner in reviewing options for the upfront business decisions.
For example:
  • Should beds be viewed as flex space with care moving to out-patient?
  • How will current systems tie into the new or existing facilities?
  • Is the Architect right-sizing the space for adjacent efficiencies?
  • Who developed the budget and has it been challenged in the market?
  • Can the patient rooms be built in a modular fashion?
These are all questions hospital leaders will need to consider. By engaging Hplex Solutions, we bring over 100 years of insight from various hospital renovations and new-build project experience.

Project Profiles

Akron Children’s Bowery Building

Frederick Memorial Hospital

Galion Community Hospital