Hplex Solutions has assisted many healthcare clients with their Compounding Pharmacy conversion from USP 797 to USP 800. As part of this work, Hplex has worked in both existing active hospital facilities and ambulatory out-patient facilities and ground up new build. Our team understands that the pharmacy must stay in operation and our team has worked through design and logistics to allow for the pharmacy staff to continue to operate. Our team has utilized traditional stud construction and modular wall systems.

Current Projects

        For those new to the conversion, the difference

        between the USP 797 and USP 800 is the general

        protection of sterile compounds and spaces from

        contamination. USP 800 expands controls for the

        protection of workers and environments against

        hazardous drug compounds. In contrast to USP 797,

        which only remedies sterile compounding activities,

        USP 800 takes a 360-degree approach for

        processing hazardous drugs.

University of Cincinnati Health