Oncology building development has become a very large part of our service line. Hplex Solutions has been instrumental in working with private physician groups and large hospital organizations to bring a full turn-key real estate project to the market. Since 2007, we have developed over $200 million in cancer facilities, totaling more than 250,000 SF.
Our team at Hplex Solutions understands that these facilities are not your traditional developer grade medical office building and will house very highly technical systems for both the building and the treatment equipment. When partnering with Hplex Solutions, your practice or health system will be afforded the lessons learned and insight knowledge on how to bring a facility of this nature to market quickly, affordably and with a rent model (if applicable) that can gain the investor a strong rental income. You can rest assured that Hplex Solutions will be your partner at each point of the development process ensuring that the right team members are brought into the Project Team that meshes well with both the budget and the deliverable of the project. Team members may include Architect, Engineers, Construction Manager and FF&E planners to name a few.
We understand that the facility must be developed with a warm, welcoming and comfortable feel for patients and staff. Additionally, Hplex Solutions has overseen several Varian and Eleckta machine installs and moves, and we have implemented programs allowing infusion bays to be setup for private and interactive settings with staff and patients. If you are in the very early stages of planning or have engaged your A/E or CM firm, we would honor the opportunity to review savings that may be had or a more efficient and quicker method to get your project to completion.

Project Profiles

The Mark H. Zangmeister Cancer Center

Cooper Cancer Center

Miami Valley South Comprehensive Care Center

Health Center at Lake Medina