Project Overview

PROJECT: The Andrews Institute
CLIENT: The Andrews Institute



The Andrews Institute is the result of the joint vision of renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jim Andrews, MD and Baptist Health Care to provide the very best that modern orthopedic/sports medicine can offer, not only to the surrounding Pensacola community, but to patients throughout the country. The greatest challenge faced in this project was balancing the seemingly disparate goals of Dr. Andrews/BHC and the physicians targeted to occupy the building. Dr. Andrews/BHC wanted to create a truly state-of-the-art facility that was both attractive and equipped with all of the latest medical technology. The physicians desired affordable rents or ownership and an opportunity to augment their ancillary revenue streams.

The Hplex Solution

Hplex Solutions worked closely with all of the involved parties to address issues/concerns and create a project that allowed both parties to achieve their objectives. By developing and implementing a complicated cost allocation methodology, Hplex Solutions was able to take portions of the project cost out of the physicians’ medical office space and allocate those costs to the hospital, effectively making MOB space more affordable. Using the proprietary “Air-Rights” model developed by Hplex Solutions, the physicians were then given the opportunity to purchase their medical office space at a price that is competitive in that market. In addition to acting as developer, Hplex Solutions was the Owner Representative for the project, providing complete project management services to the hospital. Hplex utilized an RFP process for selection of the design and construction members of the team and adhered to design and construction standards established by BHC.

Key Features


  • Owner Representation
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Development

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